Early morning sun

On mother’s skin she dances;
Her every move grabs my attention
and draws me ever deeper inside her soul.

It glows like red hot coals in the midst of the night,
where Darkness himself roams and opens the door to our own.

Yet here she is like a wild flower in the breeze,
moving softly and slowly, like a baby breaths,
and, taking her hand in mine, she takes the lead.

Like falling autumn leaves,
we twist and twirl to the rhythm of the wind and the tune mother sings.
I close my eyes as we float weightlessly through the skies,
watching reality slowly pass us by.

Then, she turns slowly to me and whispers softly in my ear;
“You see, my son? The wind, the water,
the fire and the earth, you all run as one.
So let them guide you and you too will shine
brighter than the early morning sun.”


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