He stands alone by the sea, his hair dancing in the salty breeze.
His eyes stay pinned to the horizon, where Gods meet the oceans
and together become one.

The solid stone walls that once guarded his soul
lay crumbled and broken on the sandy beach floor.
Conquered by climbing vines, knots, and Father Time,
he finally found what it means to ‘feel at home’.

He once had it all; paintings hung from tiny woven string,
and wine and cheese decked the table in the evenings.
His garden bloomed with the colours of spring
and the laughter of smiling, playful young children.

His inner quarters were full, occupied by a man and wife
and their love that bloomed for the rest of their lives.
But, as happens to all, the hourglass dropped its final grains of sand,
and the winds and the waters swept away everything he once had.

Through the cracks that formed in the windows and the walls,
the light that once shun made on its way, and slowly moved on.
Now, empty and incomplete, he stands alone by the sea,
his hair dancing slowly to the rhythm of the salty breeze.


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